Pay Attention To Your Life: Reflections on selfawareness
and self-determination

 This is a book about balancing life and paying
attention to four distinct but connected parts of ourselves
-- heart, mind, body, and soul. These dimensions and
their importance are discussed as a part of this book.
Realizing that many of us are aware of the need to pay
attention but sometimes unconsciously fail to do so, I
decided to examine how we could become more selfaware
in the specific areas that we all share and, by
doing so, begin to look at our own self-determination
through attention to our lives in these specific areas.

The first part of the book discusses the four areas and
provides ideas on what they mean to us and how we can
pay closer attention to them. The second part presents a
number of thoughts on paying attention to different
behaviors such as our habits, motivation, relation to
others, and more. The final part of the book presents,
what I refer to as "attention-provoking" poetry in 30 of my
original poems.

It has been my experience to observe people
constantly not paying attention to what they are doing,
how they are speaking to others, where they are going
in life, why they are here in the first place, and what
their lives really mean. The intent is to call attention to
these life areas and behaviors, and provide insight into
a means of dealing with them.

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Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart: A collection of
words of wisdom, heartfelt thoughts, and original

In my first book, I make every attempt to get you thinking about
your own personal path toward a more positive lifestyle.
The book is packed with simple, yet thought-provoking
wisdom in the form of short statements, upon which I
briefly expound, as well as my own heartfelt poetry.
The poetry in this book is all original. One key
characteristic of the book is that you don't have to read it
from beginning to end -- though you may be inclined to
do just that. You can open the book to almost any page
and find something appropriate and interesting to digest.
Use it as a part of your daily devotional or simply as a
"pick me up" when you need a boost in
attitude. However you choose to approach it, this book
is highly recommended as an important addition to your
quest toward self-discovery and a more positive lifestyle.


ISBN: 0972894403 List price: $19.95
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"This little-known book by W. Marie Giles is full of
simple statements of wisdom, drawn from her own
heartfelt thoughts, and poetry inspired by her own
experiences and that of others she has known or

"Just reading the Foreword of this book will open
your eyes to some of the possibilities available to
you in your own life."

"You owe it to yourself to browse through the pages
and see, firsthand, what she wants to share with you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."